About Us

SpringerReference.com is an online brand of Major Reference Works from Springer Science + Business Media. It includes encyclopedias, handbooks, and atlases across a multitude of scientific subjects containing over 250,000 articles.
SpringerReference.com is a database of peer-reviewed and continually updated scholarly reference content.
Knowledge, information and quality – these are three forces that shape Springer’s business activities. We develop, manage and disseminate knowledge – through print and the Internet. We work with the world’s leading academics and authors including numerous Nobel Prize winners, bringing scholarly excellence and authoritative information to researchers and professionals.
SpringerReference.com represents the future of scholarly electronic publishing stressing the evolution, creation and dissemination of highly seamless, reliable and synthesized scientific knowledge.
SpringerReference.com brings together the world’s foremost experts as editors and authors in a collaborative, highly networked, knowledge-intensive and yet inclusive publishing paradigm. Through SpringerReference.com we offer scientists students, researchers and communities seeking definitive and authoritative scientific information and analysis, a comprehensive, elegant and perfect solution to their knowledge needs.
SpringerReference.com has a user-friendly interface that facilitates dynamic writing and editorial work, real-time updates, fast and easy publication, and high visibility to participating authors and editors. It is also powered by an intuitive, seamless search, retrieval and navigation function across all its reference content.
SpringerReference.com is an indispensable resource for scientists, researchers, students, clinicians, and industry professionals worldwide.