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Machine Vision Handbook


Welcome to the homepage of the Machine Vision Handbook, a comprehensive reference work currently in development at Springer. Information and more details about the extent of this book project can be found under Aims & Scope.

We welcome you and look forward to your participation in this exciting project.

Bruce G. Batchelor

(Editor in Chief)

  1. Machine Vision for Industrial Applications
  2. Inspecting Natural and Other Variable Objects
  3. Human and Animal Vision
  4. Colour Vision
  5. Light and Optics
  6. Telecentric, Fresnel and Micro Lenses
  7. Illumination Sources
  8. Lighting-Viewing Methods
  9. Laser Scanners
  10. Cameras
  11. Selecting Cameras for Machine Vision
  12. X-Ray Inspection
  13. Illumination-Invariant Image Processing
  14. Basic Machine Vision Techniques
  15. Imaging and Range Image Processing
  16. Colour Recognition
  17. Algorithms, Approximations and Heuristics
  18. Object Location Using the HOUGH Transform
  19. Morphological Image Processing
  20. Image Processing Using Finite-State Machines
  21. QT - Prototyping Image Processing System
  22. NeatVision: Development Environment for Machine Vision Engineers
  23. Intelligent Image Processing Using Prolog
  24. Pattern Recognition
  25. Implementing Machine Vision Systems Using FPGAs
  26. Very Low-Cost In-Process Gauging System
  27. Automated Handling of Coils with Flying Leads
  28. A Telecentric Vision System for Broach Verification
  29. Challenges of Low Angle Metal Surface (Crosshead) Inspection
  30. A Machine Vision System for Quality Grading of Painted Slates
  31. Inspecting Glass Bottles and Jars
  32. Stemware Inspection System
  33. Restoration of Missing Boundary Segments in Shattered Glass
  34. Determination of Geometric Stability of Glass Substrates
  35. Glass Thickness Measurement Using Morphology
  36. Inspecting Food Products
  37. Automatic Produce Grading System
  38. Analysing the Creasing Properties of Fabric
  39. Environmental, Social and Ethical Issues
  40. Lighting-Viewing Methods
  41. QT Image Processing Functions
  42. Appendix A: Glossary
  43. Appendix B: MV Questionnaire
  44. Appendix C: Proverbs
  45. Appendix D: MV Knowledge Base
  46. Appendix E: Robot Vision: Calibration
  47. Appendix F: Object Location and Orientation
  48. Appendix G: Image Catalogue
  49. Appendix H: Connecting QT to External Devices
  50. Appendix I: Information Sources