> Handbook of Marine Natural Products

Handbook of Marine Natural Products


Welcome to the homepage of Handbook of Marine Natural Products, a comprehensive reference work from Springer.

Ernesto Fattorusso, William H. Gerwick, Orazio Taglialatela-Scafati

(Editors in Chief)

  1. Biosynthetic Principles in Marine Natural Product Systems
  2. Mechanisms of Halogenation of Marine Secondary Metabolites
  3. Marine Natural Products Active Against Protozoan Parasites
  4. Marine Natural Products Synthesis
  5. Marine Protein Toxins
  6. Legal and Ethical Issues Involving Marine Biodiscovery and Development
  7. The Chemistry of Marine Algae and Cyanobacteria
  8. The Chemistry of Marine Tunicates
  9. Marine Natural Products That Target Microtubules
  10. Strategies for Structural Assignment of Marine Natural Products Through Advanced NMR-based Techniques
  11. Enzyme Inhibitors from Marine Invertebrates
  12. Taxonomy and Marine Natural Products Research
  13. Seafood Toxins: Classes, Sources, and Toxicology
  14. Mechanism-based Screening for Cancer Therapeutics with Examples from the Discovery of Marine Natural Product-based HIF-1 Inhibitors
  15. Quantum Chemical Calculation of Chemical Shifts in the Stereochemical Determination of Organic Compounds: A Practical Approach
  16. Fluorescent Proteins from the Oceans: Marine Macromolecules as Advanced Imaging Tools for Biomedical Research
  17. Contemporary Strategies in Natural Products Structure Elucidation
  18. Biosynthetic Studies Through Feeding Experiments in Marine Organisms
  19. Antifouling Activity of Marine Natural Products
  20. Meeting the Supply Needs of Marine Natural Products
  21. Marine Natural Products into the Future
  22. The Role of Databases in Marine Natural Products Research
  23. Antipredatory Defensive Roles of Natural Products from Marine Invertebrates
  24. Chemically Mediated Competition and Host-Pathogen Interactions Among Marine Organisms
  25. NMR Methods for Stereochemical Assignments
  26. Antipredatory Defensive Role of Planktonic Marine Natural Products
  27. The Chemistry of Marine Sponges
  28. From Biosilica of Sponges (Demospongiae and Hexactinellida) to Fabricated Biomedical Materials
  29. The Chemistry of Marine Bacteria
  30. Marine Metabolites and Metal Ion Chelation