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Address of Organization

33 rue des Trois-Fontanot 92002 Nanterre Cedex France


ADDES was created with a double objective: to improve and disseminate the knowledge of social economy organizations, especially by giving them a greater visibility in the official statistics and to promote this set of organizations in the public sphere and the public at large.

Brief History

ADDES was founded in 1982 by an informal group of statisticians and academics, rapidly joined by employees of cooperatives, mutual societies and associations eager to give more acknowledgement to the economic and social role of these organizations. In 1983 a first conference was organized, followed by more than 20. Since 1986 two young researchers are annually awarded prizes by ADDES.

Mission, Objectives, Activities

The first mission of ADDES was to draw the main lines of a satellite account of social economy and to lobby the government and the French statistical office to