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Stochastic Quasigradient Methods

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Calculation of SQG
Convergence Properties
Nonsmooth Problems
Averaging Operations
General Constraints

Keywords and Phrases Stochastic quasigradient (SQG) methods - Stochastic quasigradients (SQG) - Nonstationary optimization - Generalized differentiable (GD) function - Stochastic approximation - Global optimization


Traditional deterministic optimization methods are used for well defined objective and constraint functions, i. e., when it is possible to calculate exactly F0(x) to be minimized (or maximized) and to verify constraints
for each decision vector x = (x1,...,xn)∈X, where the set X has a "simple" structure (for example, defined by linear constraints). Usually it is also assumed that gradients or subgradients (for nonsmooth functions) Fix of the functions Fi,i = 0,1,...,m are easily calculated. Stochastic