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Multi-objective Integer Linear Programming

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Generation of E(P)
Klein-Hannan Method
Kiziltan-Yucaoglu Method
Interactive Methods
Gonzalez-Reeves-Franz Algorithm
Steuer-Choo Method
The MOMIX Method
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Keywords Multi-objective programming - Integer - Linear programming

From the 1970s onwards, multi-objective linear programming (MOLP) methods with continuous solutions have been developed [8]. However, it is well known that discrete variables are unavoidable in the linear programming modeling of many applications, for instance, to represent an investment choice, a production level, etc.

The mathematical structure is then integer linear programming (ILP), associated with MOLP giving a MOILP problem. Unfortunately, MOILP cannot be solved by simply combining ILP and MOLP methods, because it has got its own specific difficulties.

The problem (P) considered is defined as