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An ancient religion which should not be mistaken with the Sabaeanims of Sabá (or Sheba), nor with the Sabianism (with "i" in English rather than with "e") originated from the group of followers of John the Baptist who did not accept Jesus as the Christ.

Term Confusion and History

The confusion of the three is a constant through the literature and it is primarly, due to a translation mistake of the Koran by Marmeduke Pickthall - the term mentioned in the Koran refers to the religious group and it is written with the Arabic letter sad and Sabá is written with sin and is referred to the people of Sabá, Yemen. Other cause of confusion results from the fact that the Ansar tribe of Sabá adopted the Koranic Sabeanism as a religion. A third cause can be pointed in the fact that the followers of John the Baptist, being persecuted and expelled from Palestine, have settled down in the city of Harran, where Sabeanism was the dominant religion and also, after the conquest of Alexander,