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Quercus infectoria Oliv.

Family Fagaceae.
Habitat Indigenous to Greece, Syria and Iran. Yields oak galls.
English Oak galls, Aleppo galls, Mecca galls.
Ayurvedic Maajuphalaka, Maayaaphala, Maayakku.
Unani Maazu. Maaphal.
Siddha/Tamil Maasikkaai.
Action Astringent. Bark and fruits-used for eczema and impetigo. Galls-used for diseases of gums and oral cavity (diluted with toothpowder or paste; also as a gargle in nasal catarrh and sore throat. An ointment (1 in 4 parts of vaseline) is applied externally in haemorrhoids. Also included in breast and vaginal firming creams. A decoction of galls is used as an enema in prolapus of rectum.
Key application Quercus robur L. bark-externally, in inflammatory skin diseases; internally in non-specific, acute diarrhoea, and local treatment of mild inflammation