> > Luffa cylindrica (Linn.) M. J. Roem.

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Luffa cylindrica (Linn.) M. J. Roem.

Synonym L. aegyptiaca Mill. L. pentandra Roxb.
Family Cucurbitaceae.
Habitat Cultivated throughout greater parts of India.
English Smooth Luffa, Spongegourd, sponge Cucumber.
Ayurvedic Dhaamaargava, Mahaakoshtaki, Mahaajaalini, Raajakoshataki.
Siddha/Tamil Mozhukupeerankai, Pikku.
Action Plant-used against pharyngitis, rhinitis, mastitis, oedema, swellings and burns. Leaves-used for chronic bronchitis. Leaf juice is given for amenorrhoea. Flowers-used for treating migraine. Seeds-alcoholic extract exhibited 9.80% fungitoxic activity.

German Commission E included Luffa aegyptiaca among unapproved herbs. Preparations of Luffa sponge, used as a preventive for infections or cold, as a remedy