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Eclipta alba (Linn.) Hassk.

Synonym E. prostrata Roxb.
Family Compositae; Asteraceae.
Habitat Throughout India, up to 2,000 m on the hills.
English Trailing Eclipta Plant.
Ayurvedic Bhringaraaja, Bhringa, Bhringaja, Bhrngaaraka, Bhrngaara, Maarkava, Kesharaaja, Keshranjana.
Unani Bhangraa.
Siddha/Tamil Karisalaankanni.
Folk Bhangaraa.
Action Deobstruent, antihepatotoxic, anticatarrhal, febrifuge. Used in hepatitis, spleen enlargements, chronic skin diseases. Leaf-promotes hair growth. Its extract in oil is applied to scalp before bed time in insomnia. The herb is also used as an ingredient in shampoos.
Key application As hepatoprotective. (Indian Herbal Pharmacopoeia; The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India.)

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