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Brück, Hermann Alexander

Born Berlin, Germany, 15 August 1905

Died Edinburgh, Scotland, 4 March 2000

Hermann Brück was a distinguished astronomer responsible for the resurgence of interest in astronomy in post‐war Ireland and for raising the Royal Observatory Edinburgh [ROE] to an internationally recognized research center. He served as Astronomer Royal for Scotland from 1957 to his retirement in 1975.

Brück was the only child of Hermann Heinrich Brück, an officer in the Prussian army who was killed in action during the battle of Lodz in 1914, and his wife Margaret. Educated at the Kaiserin Augusta Gymnasium, Charlottenburg, famed for its teaching of Greek, Latin, and mathematics, Brück matriculated at Kiel University in 1924. After a period there and at Bonn University, he moved to Munich. He studied there under the eminent physicist Arnold Sommerfeld and in 1928 gained his doctorate, which concerned the wave mechanics of crystals. Brück fondly remembered this period, as a student