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Bok, Bart Jan

Born Hoorn, the Netherlands, 28 April 1906

Died Tucson, Arizona, USA, 5 August 1983

Bart Bok was the son of Sergeant Major Jan Bok (Royal Dutch Army) and Gesina Annetta (née van der Lee) Bok. Bart Bok's name is associated with the Bok globules, small, dark, gas clouds, many of which are forming‐or about to form‐new stars. He was also one of Harvard's early champions of star formation as an important, on‐going process, at a time when Jesse Greenstein and others were not so sure. He attended primary school in Hoorn and secondary school in The Hague. Bok entered Leiden University in 1924; two of his classmates were Gerard Kuiper and Pieter Theodorus Oosterhoff. Upon graduation in 1927, Bok was accepted by Groningen University, where he pursued a doctorate in astronomy under Piet van Rhijn . He studied the η Carinae region for his dissertation; his Ph.D. was awarded in 1933. In 1929, Bok married astronomer