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Belopolsky, Aristarkh Apollonovich

Born Moscow, Russia, 13 July 1854

Died Pulkovo, (Russia), 16 May 1934

Aristarkh Belopolsky was a pioneer in the application of spectroscopy, and especially radial velocity measurements, to the study of the stars. Belopolsky's father was a well‐educated teacher whose ancestors had immigrated to Russia from the Serbian town of Belopolje, from which the family's name was derived. After an excellent secondary education, Belopolsky studied at Moscow University and graduated in 1877. During his studies, he came under the tutelage of Fedor Bredikhin , director of the Moscow Observatory. On account of Belopolsky's mental vigor and technical skills, Bredikhin appointed him as an assistant at the observatory and encouraged him to participate in its solar observations. In 1886, Belopolsky completed his Magister's thesis on the motions of sunspots. He then obtained several photographs of the corona during the total solar eclipse of 19 August 1887 near Pogoste