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Persistent Slip Bands (PSBs)


Persistent slip bands are the areas of intensive cyclic plastic strain in the shape of thin lamellae arising in cyclic straining of crystalline materials.

Scientific Fundamentals

Cyclic loading of crystalline materials introduces cyclic stress and cyclic strain in a material. While the cyclic stress in smooth bodies is distributed homogeneously, appreciable inhomogeneity in cyclic strain develops during cyclic loading. The inhomogeneity of the cyclic strain is reflected in the internal dislocation structure of the material and also in the appearance of the specific surface relief. Cyclic strain is concentrated into the bands of intensive cyclic straining called persistent slip bands (PSBs). The surface features with specific profile arise in locations where PSBs emerge on the surface and are called persistent slip markings (PSMs). The bands and the respective surface markings are called "persistent" since, after removing all surface features