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PRL phakic intraocular lens


PRL, Posterior chamber phakic intraocular lens, Phakic refractive lens


A phakic IOL that is placed between the iris and the crystalline lens floating freely over the crystalline lens.


Today, the number of implanted PRL is not high in relation to the lastest anterior chamber phakic IOL model (AcrySof), and the the iris supported phakic IOL models (Artisan/Verisyse and Artiflex/Veriflex).


Complications from anterior chamber angle-supported implants led to the idea of moving towards the posterior chamber. This location theoretically provided lower incidence of halos and glare as the margins of the pupil cover the border of the optical zones. Additionally, the risk of corneal endothelial damage was also theoretically minimized, due to the greater distance between the implant and the corneal endothelium. One of the first posterior chamber phakic IOL designs, the ’collar-button’ or ’mushroom’ configuration, is attributed