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Canthal Reconstruction


Medial and/or lateral canthal reconstruction



Reconstruction of the medial and/or lateral canthal structures



Canthal reconstruction is utilized for defects arising from cancer resection surgery (including Mohs surgery), trauma, involutional changes, or congenital deformities in the medial and/or lateral canthus.  The goals of canthal reconstruction include recreation of a stable canthus with adequate eyelid support while maximizing cosmesis and symmetry.



Patients with significant trauma to the canthal regions should be evaluated for other injuries whose repair would take precedence, such as a ruptured globe.  Incisions utilized in canthal reconstruction can result in scarring of the canthal region and possible rounding or phimosis of the canthal angle.


Techniques and principles:

Techniques for canthal reconstruction are dictated by the extent of the defect and the structures involved.