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Compound Nevus


Compound Nevus

Melanocytic Nevus

Acquired Melanocytic Nevus




A benign neoplasm composed of nests of melanocytes located on the dermoepidermal junction and dermis layers of the skin.  




Unknown. A genetic factor is likely in many families, working together with sun exposure. They may occur on the eyelid skin and on the eyelid margins. Lesions typically present in childhood as small, flat, tan macules that increase in size on the basal epithilium. As the lesion increases in diameter, a nest of cells drops of into the dermis; later, the cells migrate entirely in the dermis (intradermal nevus). Therefore, the natural progression from junctional nevus to compound nevus, then to intradermal nevus is consensus.



Clinical Presentation

Domed pigmented (light or dark brown) nodules of up to 1cm in diameter (fig.1).The borders of the lesion are irregular but symmetric. Most lesions are smooth, but larger ones may be cerebriform,