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Uveal Metastatic Tumors


Uveal Metastases

Metastases to the uvea

Choroidal, ciliary body or iris metastasis


Spread of tumor from a distant location through blood or lymph channels to the iris, ciliary body or the choroid of the eye. 


Uveal metastasis is the most common uveal malignancy.  In patients with carcinoma, the prevalence is 2-9%.  Between 5 to 33% of the patients with uveal metastasis as primary presentation has no history of cancer. 


The most common primary tumor source are breast (47%), lung (21%), gastrointestinal tract (4%), kidney, skin and prostate (2%).  Breast cancer is the major source of metastasis in females, while lung cancer make up 40% of source in males.  Breast cancer most commonly leads to bilateral metastasis. Other tumors that can metastasize to uvea include uterus, thyroid, pancreas, bladder, ovary, bile duct, testes, bone, and adrenal gland tumors. 

Location of metastases

Choroid is the most common location