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Social Language Development Test



The tests of social language development-elementary and adolescent (Bowers, Huisingh, & LoGiudice, 2008, 2010) are diagnostic tests of social language skills. They are designed to determine the role language development plays in the acquisition of social understanding for students from the ages of 6.0-17.11 years from the following educational settings: regular education (no active IEP) and special education (active IEP). Students with a diagnosis of autism and delayed language development were included in the item pool and standardization studies.

The testing materials are as follows:

The social language development test-elementary (SLDT-E) includes an examiner's manual, the scoring standards and example responses book, a picture stimuli book, and test forms. Ages include 6.0-11.11 years.

The SLDT-E is comprised of