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MEMS Neural Probes


Brain implants; Microelectrodes; Neural interfaces; Prostheses


MEMS neural probes are microscale implants for the brain or peripheral nervous system that use microelectromechanical systems to assess function or stimulate activity in specific regions of the brain, ensembles of neurons, or neuronal fibers.

Brain Monitoring Technologies

Hypotheses regarding brain function or dysfunction are generally verified and confirmed using accurate measurements of brain activity at different scales – from whole brain regions to single cells or neurons and subcellular structures such as synapses, ion channels, etc. Such measurements are made using a variety of different techniques, each with their own spatial and temporal resolution. The technologies are generally invasive or noninvasive; the noninvasive technologies include a whole spectrum of imaging modalities as illustrated in Fig. 1, electroencephalograms (EEG) from the scalp, etc.