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Emission of optical radiation by the process of thermal radiation.

Thermal radiation is electromagnetic radiation originating in the thermal motions of particles of matter (atoms, molecules, ions, etc.). All matter above the temperature of absolute zero emits thermal radiation. Objects around room temperature emit mainly infrared radiation. Objects at temperatures higher than some 800 K also emit electromagnetic radiation in the visible area.

Thermal light radiators

Sun that generates light by its hot plasmawith a temperature of around 6000 K.

Glowing coal and red hot horseshoewith a temperature of around 1000 K.

Torches, oil lamps, candles and gas lampswith temperatures of around 2000 K.

Carbon-arc lampswith temperatures of up to 5000 K.

Old-fashioned chemical flash bulbswith temperatures of around 4000 K.

Incandescent lampswith temperatures of 2700 K

Halogen incandescent lampswith temperatures of 2900 to 3200 K.

Black body radiator

Black body radiator