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Astigmatic Micro Particle Imaging


Anamorphic particle tracking; Wavefront deformation particle tracking


Anamorphic particle tracking; Wavefront deformation particle tracking


Astigmatism particle imaging is an optical method to determine the instantaneous volumetric position of spherical particles in a volume of transparent medium using only a single camera view. The method is mainly applied in microfluidics to measure the velocity and trajectories of tracer particles that follow the fluid motion. However, recently it could be shown that this measurement principle without bias errors due to the depth of correlation and spatial averaging is well suited to reconstruct the arbitrary-shaped interface of mixing layers in a micromixer with extended high precision.

Optical Principle

Astigmatic imaging is a way to break the axis symmetry of an optical system thus allowing for the depth coding of particle positions in 2D images. Among the manifold of 3D3C