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Von Franz, Marie-Louise

The lectures of Dr von Franz were brilliant and inspiring. I will never forget the first time I heard Dr von Franz lecture (on the puer aeternus). It was a numinous experience. I thought God was speaking. She seemed to know everything (Stein, 2006).

Born some 40 years after Carl Gustav Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, Marie-Louise (Marlus) von Franz (January 4th 1915-Feburary 17th 1998) outlived her mentor and many of his closest collaborators, including his wife Emma and mistress Toni Wolf. Her career evolved from acting as Jung’s research assistant through to becoming a major figure in the community of Jungian analysts and a founder of the Zürich Institute for training analysts. In Jung’s later years, she became closer to him than almost anyone outside his family (Anthony, 1990, p. 67) and ‘perhaps his closest collaborator and friend’ (Freeman, 1964).

Von Franz is frequently referred to by Jung’s biographers (for example McLynn, 1996,