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Water Resources: Europe

In order to identify the most prominent European environmental problems, a meeting of European environment ministers was held at Dobris Castle near Prague in 1991. As a result of this meeting, work began by making a survey of the literature and analyzing international initiatives by, among others, the EU, UNECE, UNEP, OECD and the US Environment Protection Agency. This resulted in a list of 56 environmental problems in Europe of which the following 12 problems were considered the most significant.

  • the management of water;
  • waste management;
  • climate change;
  • stratospheric ozone depletion;
  • urban stress;
  • forest degradation;
  • chemical risks;
  • acidification;
  • major accidents;
  • the loss of biodiversity;
  • tropospheric ozone and other photochemical oxidants;
  • coastal zone threats and management; Only the first of these problems, management of water, is briefly discussed here from information presented in the report of the study