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Adhesion Technology Recap - Current and Emerging Areas


This chapter gives a brief description of the subjects and chapters that are included in this handbook. The handbook is organized in ten parts: theory of adhesion, surface treatment, adhesive and sealant materials, testing of adhesive properties, joint design, durability, manufacture, quality control, applications, and emerging areas. A total of 57 chapters are presented covering all aspects of adhesion and adhesives. In addition to the information contained in each chapter, an extensive list of references is given (approximately 4,000 references).

Theory of Adhesion

In the chapter Theories of Fundamental Adhesion by Packham, the historical development and current status of the four classical theories of adhesion (mechanical theory, adsorption theory, electrostatic theory, and diffusion theory) are reviewed. The role of weak boundary layers is also discussed with emphasis on the importance of careful investigation of