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Classification of Adhesive and Sealant Materials


In this chapter, classification of adhesive and sealant materials is presented. For this purpose, various categories are considered depending on the polymer base (i.e., natural or synthetic), functionality in the polymer "backbone" (i.e., thermoplastic or thermoset), physical forms (i.e., one or multiple components, films), chemical families (i.e., epoxy, silicon), functional types (i.e., structural, hot melt, pressure sensitive, water-base, ultraviolet/electron beam cured, conductive, etc.), and methods of application. The classification covers high-temperature adhesives, sealants, conductive adhesives, nanocomposite adhesives, primers, solvent-activated adhesives, water-activated adhesives, and hybrid adhesives.


This chapter aims to provide general information about the structure, properties, and applications of polymers and their composites that are used in the production of adhesives and sealants. The chapter