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Diseases of the Placenta

Normal Anatomy and Development
Abnormal Placentation and Villous Development
Multiple Pregnancy
Placental Inflammation and Intrauterine Infection
Circulatory Disorders
Fetal Membranes
Umbilical Cord
Clinical Syndromes and Their Pathologic Correlates in the Placenta
Abortion, Stillbirth, and Intrauterine Fetal Death
Nontrophoblastic and Metastatic Tumors
Examination of the Placenta


The placenta is crucial for fetal growth and survival, performing the most important functions of many somatic organs before birth. Thus, pathologic processes interfering with placental function may result in abnormalities of fetal growth or development, malformation, or stillbirth, and there is increasing recognition that some long-term (especially neurologic) disabilities can be traced to injury occurring before birth. The purpose of this chapter is to describe clinically important placental lesions and to emphasize the context in which these lesions