> > Nonspecific Tumors of the Ovary, Including Mesenchymal Tumors

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Nonspecific Tumors of the Ovary, Including Mesenchymal Tumors

Mesenchymal Tumors Nonspecific to the Ovary
Tumors of Muscle Differentiation
Tumors of Vascular and Lymphatic Differentiation
Tumors of Cartilage Differentiation
Tumors of Bone Differentiation
Tumors of Neural Differentiation
Tumors of Adipose Tissue Differentiation
Tumors of Mesothelial Differentiation
Ovarian Tumor of Probable Wolffian Origin (FATWO)
Lesions of the Rete Ovarii
Primary Ovarian Tumors of Uncertain Histogenesis


The tumors discussed in this chapter comprise a heterogeneous group of neoplasms that are not specific to the ovary. They are uncommon in this location, occurring much more frequently in other parts of the body. Consequently, whenever they are encountered in the ovary, these tumors pose difficult problems in diagnosis, histogenesis, behavior, and therapy for the pathologist and clinician. These neoplasms must be differentiated from primary ovarian neoplasms containing