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Nonneoplastic Lesions of the Ovary

Embryology and Gross Anatomy
Congenital Lesions and Ectopic Tissues
Noninfectious Inflammatory Disorders
Surface Proliferative Lesions
Nonneoplastic Lesions of the Follicular and Stromal Elements
Ovarian "Tumor" of the Adrenogenital Syndrome
Ovarian Stromal Metaplasias Including Decidual Reaction
Disorders of Ovarian Failure
Vascular Lesions
Ovarian Pregnancy
Ovarian Changes Secondary to Metabolic Diseases
Ovarian Changes Secondary to Cytotoxic Drugs and Radiation
Miscellaneous Lesions


Nonneoplastic lesions of the ovary frequently form a pelvic mass and are often associated with abnormal hormonal manifestations, thus potentially mimicking an ovarian neoplasm on clinical examination, at operation, or on pathologic examination. Many occur in the reproductive years and may be associated with infertility. Their proper recognition is, therefore, important to allow appropriate, usually conservative therapy,