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Endometrial Carcinoma

Clinical and Pathologic Features of Specific Types of Carcinomas
Prognostic Factors of Endometrial Carcinoma
Miscellaneous Epithelial Tumors
Tumors Metastatic to the Endometrium


Endometrial carcinoma is the most common invasive neoplasm of the female genital tract and the fourth most frequently diagnosed cancer in women in the USA. In 2008, it is estimated there will have been 40,100 new cases and 7,470 deaths resulting from this neoplasm. These figures represent an estimated 6% of the new cancer cases and 3% of the cancer deaths in women [377]. Worldwide, approximately 150,000 cases are diagnosed each year, making endometrial carcinoma the fifth most common cancer in women [304, 305]. The incidence of endometrial cancer varies widely throughout the world. The highest rates occur in North America and Europe, whereas rates in developing countries and Japan are four to five times lower. The incidence