Professor Richard T. G. Walsh
Wilfrid Laurier University
Department of Psychology
75 University Avenue West
N2L 3C5 Waterloo

   Dr. Richard T. G. Walsh (-Bowers) is Professor of Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University. In Laurier’s undergraduate programme he has taught abnormal psychology, clinical psychology, community psychology, group processes, drama and human development (a course he created), a seminar in personality and abnormal psychology focused on feminism and gender issues, the history of psychology, and introductory psychology at an aboriginal college. He also contributes teaching and thesis supervision to Laurier’s MA and PhD programme in community psychology. In 1999 he received his university's Outstanding Teacher Award. His interests are in the history, philosophy, and ethics of psychology and in community psychology. Outside of academic life, Richard has been a candidate in federal and provincial Canadian elections and is a founding member of an anticapitalist, antipoverty collective. He is a member of a choir and a director and actor in community theatre; most recently he adapted and directed a production of Antigone by Sophocles.

Following are selected items from Richard's list of publications:

 Walsh, Richard T. (1987). The evolution of the research relationship in community psychology.   American Journal of Community Psychology, 15, 773-788.

Walsh, Richard T. (1989). Do research reports in mainstream feminist psychology journals reflect feminist values? Psychology of Women Quarterly, 13, 433-444.

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Walsh-Bowers, Richard (2006). A theatre acting perspective on the dramaturgical metaphor and

            the postmodern self. Theory & Psychology, 16, 661-690.

 Walsh-Bowers, Richard (2010). Some social-historical issues underlying psychology’s fragmentation. New Directions in Psychology, 28, 244-252.

 Walsh, Richard T. G., Teo, Thomas, & Baydala, Angelina (in press). A critical history and philosophy of psychology: Diversity of context, thought, and practice. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.